Friday, 5 April 2013

Definition Of Chemical Waste

Definition Of Chemical Waste

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   Chemical waste is a waste that is made from harmful chemicals and mostly, it is produced by large factories. Besides that, chemical waste includes both the chemical byproducts of large manufacturing facilities and laboratories, as well as the smaller-scale solvents and other chemicals disposed of by households. It may fall under the classification of hazardous waste, depending on the nature of the chemicals, for example, chemicals such as ethanol and glycerol don't require special disposal procedures. Any substance or thing being scrap material, effluent or an unwanted substance or by-product arising from the application of or in the course of any process or trade activity and which contains any of the substance or chemicals specified in the schedule would be regarded as chemical waste if such substance or chemical occurs in such form, quantity or concentration so as to cause pollution or constitute a danger to health or risk of pollution to the environment.

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