Monday, 8 April 2013

The Causes and the Effects of Chemical Waste

Some of the chemical waste that have been flow into the river

The Causes

Chemical waste is produced both on a huge scale by major industries and on a relatively tiny scale by individuals. No matter where it comes from, chemical waste can be dangerous.

One of the main causes of the abundance of chemical waste is that people do not realize how large a problem it is. Because it can be simply removed and send to landfill, it is often assumed that the problem ends there.

Industries have often displayed an unwillingness to find the ways to deal with the chemical waste because of the expenses associated with it.

Many industries and governments create crude landfills to store waste, and often just dump waste chemicals into nearby bodies of water.

Chemicals use for industrial processes often create dangerous forms of waste. The amounts of these chemicals has risen heavily in the past, as more areas of the world industrialize and new products are produced.

Over 80,000 different chemicals are used in industries worldwide. Often, it is difficult and expensive to get rid of these chemicals and to store them in a way that does not endanger human life or the environment. Obviously, not all of these chemicals are dangerous, but many are and they do create serious problems. 

Around the world, hundred of millions of tons of chemical waste are produced annually. Rather than cleaning up or storing waste more carefully, one method of reducing the chemical waste problem may be to simply stop producing so much of it. 

Some of the effects that can be occurred
The Effects

  • Affects our health
  • Affects our socio-economic conditions
  • Affects our coastal and marine environment
  • Affects our climate

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