Saturday, 6 April 2013

More About Chemicals....

The Meaning Of Chemicals

Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with the other matters. Anything made of matter is therefore a chemical. Any liquid, solid, or gas. Any pure substance ; any mixture. A chemical can often be broken down into components, as is true with your computer. However, people generally use the term 'chemical' to refer a substance that appears homogeneous or the same throughout it's structure.

Most of the chemical waste that can be found

Chemical Waste Types

The common chemical waste types are :

1) Alkali
2) Chromium (VI) Solution
3) Cyanide
4) Fixer and developer
5) Halogenated Solvent
6) Hydrofluoric Acid
7) Inorganic Acid
8) Lube Oil
9) Metal Sludge
10) Metal Solution 
11) Non-halogenated Solvent
12) Organic Acid
13) Organic Gel
14) Oxidizer, acidic
15) Oxidizer
16) Rags with Solvent/ Oil
17) Soil with Phenol

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